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I was trying to think of some exciting way to ‘kick off’ the blog but I have paralysis by analysis so I’m just going to start and post things as they come up daily. Tons of people have asked for my all-purpose and floor cleanser recipes.  Well, it’s really the same recipe and I can’t take credit for it.  It’s from the book Gorgeously Green by Sophie Uliano.  There are some things in the book with which I don’t agree but there is also a ton of GOOD STUFF.  This recipe calls for essential oils; I use lemon grass when I make it for the floors and peppermint when I make it as a spray cleanser.  Otherwise, the recipes are identical.

For my spray cleanser, I use a ‘recycled’ method brand spray cleanser bottle. For the floor cleanser, I use a ‘recycled’ dish detergent bottle because I like to squirt it onto the floor in front of my mop.  My mother-n-law gave me the greatest mop kit years ago and it’s still going strong.  If you’re still using a Swiffer type system, requiring you to not only use disposable pads with terribly toxic chemicals on your floors, but also to chuck them into a land-fill when you are finished, please finish with it and then get yourself one that uses washable, micro-fiber pads like the one I’m going to include in this post.  If you know me, you know I avoid as much as humanly possible buying items made in places like China.  This set passes the test in part: the actual mop is made in Italy and the USA, but the pads are made in Hong Kong…life’s little compromises.  The guy who owns the company that did our ‘green’ renovations when we purchased our house in December (I’ll do a post with all that info. when I have more time) said he has a set at his retail store made in Denmark, but I haven’t gotten around to switching yet.  I figure it’s better for the environment if I use the ones I have for as long as I can, anyway.  Btw, his name is Derek and his website is  I found him in Ft. Lauderdale in my search for non-toxic and responsibly harvested hardwood floors, which are from  They are gorgeous and this floor cleanser recipe works amazingly well for them.

(I know there is a way to more efficiently include links on a blog, but until I figure that out, I’ll give you the domains for links to various products.)

Here’s the link for the mop and pads:

And here is Sophie Uliano’s recipe for all-purpose spray cleanser and floor cleanser (ecosimplista did poured concrete in our bathrooms and laundry rooms; this works great for those floors, as well, in addition to tile, ceramic, etc.):

In a 32 oz bottle, combine:

2 c. distilled or filtered H2O

1/2 c. distilled white vinegar

1 tsp. pure castile soap (I use a tea tree scented kind that I get from Whole Foods; Dr. Bronner’s is another great brand that is readily available and it comes in a zillion different scents)

3/4 c. hydrogen peroxide

20 drops tea tree essential oil

20 drops of your favorite essential oil


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  1. Not sure if with all the oils and soap whether you are making a floor cleaning liquid or something for a more romantic moment! Seriously – nicely done – I will forward on to Terri. Know she will enjoy. Can hardly wait for self cleansing recipes!


    1. Actually, I think you are my only boyfriend since Michael is technically a husband! I’m so happy you took the time to read it and I hope Terri enjoys. I’ll be certain to incorporate kale as much as possible!

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