Organic ‘hummus’

We make this about every other day in our house; my middle son literally eats it by the spoonful.  It’s technically not hummus because it doesn’t contain tahini, but ‘hummus’ rolls off the tongue of a 2 yr. old much more easily than ‘Mediterranean garbanzo spread’.  It’s a nice ego boost; someone requests this recipe every time I serve it, probably because it’s not only easy and yummy, it’s also incredibly good for you.  At some point I’ll go further into nutrition, but if you are following an elimination diet or cleanse (or ever plan to), this is a great meal as it goes wonderfully with baby carrots and broccoli and, if you’re off the wagon, equally well with pita and pretzels.  Or, you can just eat it with a spoon.  Sometimes I get a real treat when my son dips his carrot, licks the hummus from it then stealthily returns the carrot to the bag.

As with most things, I can’t take complete credit: I’ve adapted this recipe from a 2003 edition of Martha Stewart Living.  I’m going to give you two options: the first one is with organic canned beans, the second with organic dried beans.  The latter is definitely more time consuming, but eliminates the need to recycle cans and also produces a slighter richer taste…and, if you do the math, the cost is cut in half as it doubles the yield.  When cleansing, we do this in our house with baby carrots and broccoli, but when not, we love it with Ezekial brand pitas, kalamata olives, feta cheese and my boys (husband included) love it with Newman’s Own organic pretzel sticks.  The chick peas are high in zinc & protein, the extra virgin olive oil is high in Vitamin E and the garlic is a potent natural antimicrobial, so be sure to load up on that GOOD STUFF!  Also feel free to slather it on your favorite wraps, bagels, you name it.

Option 1

2 cans (15.5 oz each) organic chick peas, drained & rinsed

1/2 c. organic extra virgin olive oil (plus a little extra depending on what consistency you like…I usually add another Tablespoon or 2)

juice of 1/2 lemon, freshly squeezed (chop up the peel and put it in your garbage disposal to clean it and give your kitchen a nice citrus smell)

1 small head of garlic, cloves peeled (I have basically de-sensitized my taste buds when it comes to garlic so I add a ton; feel free to add less or more depending on your fortitude)

freshly ground sea salt and peppercorns to taste

Puree in a food processor until all ingredients are well blended.  You can also cut this recipe in half or double it.

Option 2

16 ounce (1 lb.) bag organic dried chick peas

(Soak the beans in 4 cups H2O over night.  Add another 2 c. H2O or so and boil, then simmer (adding a little more H2O as needed) for another 2-3 hours.  Allow to cool to at least room temperature)

1 cup organic extra virgin olive oil (plus a little extra for your preferred consistency…I usually add another 1/4 c.)

juice of 1 lemon

2 heads of organic garlic

freshly ground salt and pepper to taste

Of course, if you can’t get organic ingredients, don’t beat yourself up.  I plan to spend more time heralding the benefits of ‘going organic’ but, in the meantime, if you’re still not sold, this is a delicious and highly nutritional snack, regardless.  I look forward to hearing how you enjoy it!

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