SKOY cloths…no more paper towels

These little alternatives to paper towels are wonderful.  We use old dish towels for rags in our house and have just about eliminated the need for paper towels, but sometimes you ‘just need a paper towel’, as my husband is so fond of reminding me.  Even buying rolls of paper towels from seventh generation or whole foods, I still feel incredibly wasteful. Not only are these cloths reasonably priced (about $7 for a pack of 4), they are cute, wash wonderfully in the machine (I recommend air-drying) and last forever.  They’ll pay for themselves in about a week. Great for spills on the floor, cleaning countertops with your brand new homemade cleanser (see post from April 11), cleaning your sinks…a zillion uses.  They are made in Germany and each one saves 15 rolls of paper towels.  Definitely GOOD STUFF.  Especially when you have a teething baby in the house who leaves little puddle trails of ‘spitty’ (as his older brothers have affectionately named his saliva) wherever he goes.

Here’s the link to purchase on amazon:

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