Aromatherapy body/bath/ massage oil

Since I started this blog I’ve been asked consistently about body lotion. Here’s my ‘recipe’ for an inexpensive concoction that can be used for body oil, bath oil or massage oil.  I’ve been using the same ‘recycled’ 8 ounce glass bottle with a pump for years.  I just refill it every 2 to 3 months.  If you are familiar with this blog, you can easily guess that this is chemical-free: no preservatives, parabens, etc. I buy the three oils used for this in large quantities and simply store in a dark, cool place like the fridge or under the sink.  The essential oils I use here can easily be substituted for any you like, but I finally found a combination that, for me, is extremely soothing and calming.


organic canola oil

organic grapeseed oil

wheatgerm oil

(Grocery stores should have the first two.  Wheatgerm oil I buy from; they also carry a variety of glass containers if you don’t happen to have one you can re-use)

Essential oils:






fir needle

Pour equal parts of each oil into your glass container.  Add 10-15 drops of each oil.  Take a nice hot/cold plunge shower.  Towel dry then lather up!

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