Organic dried cherries and Sockeye salmon from VitalChoice

I’m sure you have all been losing sleep over how to get organic dried cherries…you will rest well tonight knowing they do exist.  Last month I posted a quinoa recipe that lists dried cherries as an ingredient.  I mentioned that I have been looking for dried cherries that are organic without added sugar because cherries consistently rank high for levels of pesticides.  The ones we typically eat have no added sugar, but the cherries themselves are not organic.  Turns out, VitalChoice carries dried organic tart cherries, but they do contain organic cane sugar so there’s a bit of a trade-off: choose organic cherries with added sugar or choose no sugar with possible pesticides.  I’ll let you make the call.

If you are interested, check out:

I encourage you to check out this company even if you are perfectly happy not having dried organic cherries in your life.  We have been ordering their sashimi-grade Alaskan Sockeye salmon for years and it’s always incredible, raw or grilled.  They also offer some great bonus gifts-with-purchase each week if you sign up for their mailing list.  That’s how I discovered their macadamia nut oil that is amazing for grilling salmon.  If your idea of salmon is the cotton-candy pink kind from your average super market, you are in for a real treat.  Turns out most of the salmon you purchase is not only farmed (which is terrible for you, the environment and the fish), but it is dyed to appear red or pink in an effort to mimic wild salmon’s naturally occurring red-orange hue.   The antioxidant astaxanthin is what imparts its red color.  More on salmon later (I say that alot, don’t I?), but for now, if you are a salmon-eater, do all you can to get it wild-caught from a sustainable source.  Here is a link to what Wikipedia has to say about astaxanthin:

If you go to VitalChoice’s ‘Top Sellers & Special Values’ tab, you will see some good deals.  I like having a mix of smaller and larger portions so here’s what we order:

They ship it in a recyclable styrofoam container in dry ice and you can choose the date.  This link will take you to their VitalGreen page.  Take a look at their initiative to recycle the containers:

Hope everyone has a relaxing Labor Day and thanks again for your encouraging emails!

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