I’m a homeschooling, stay-at-home mom to 3 busy little boys and wife to one big boy and this is my first attempt at this blogging STUFF!  My goal for this site it to provide a forum to share the things that are not only important to me, but also the things in which people seem most interested.  I’ve always been interested in ‘health and nutrition’ and have lived at various places on that continuum (you can guess which part while I was in college), but after giving birth to my oldest son, living a life that keeps my family and the Earth healthy evolved from a passion to a necessity.   Thanks so many smart people, endless hours of reading and just plain trusting my instincts, I’ve accumulated some useful knowledge over the years.  I’m basically the ‘crazy one’ in my circle of friends yet I always find myself being asked for little tips here and there. I figured, if you’re like I am, last thing you need is another book accumulating dust on your counter, so maybe this will be a good and easy-to-use resource for you.

Please keep this in mind as you read and participate in this blog: I am certainly not a professional anything.  But…I still have some really GOOD STUFF to share…stuff that has worked for my family; stuff that I’ve ‘researched’ for years; stuff that can save you time and benefit you, your loved ones and the planet. (My husband said a good title for this site would be: ‘How to breastfeed, juice wheatgrass & empty the dishwasher simultaneously’!  I have to give it to  him: that sort of sums it up to a T.)

When I can, I’ll post raw & vegan recipes, recipes for truly natural pest control, links to amazing charities, tips for natural beauty products & recipes to make your own, suggestions to lower your impact on this planet without overwhelming yourself…GOOD STUFF like that.  I’m blessed to have some friends and loved ones who are incredibly knowledgeable and skilled; hopefully they will chime in from time to time as ‘guest bloggers’.

Your suggestions and feedback are absolutely welcome.  I equally love learning from like-minded and not-so-like-minded so please share if there’s something you think would benefit others.  Thanks for joining me!

Beth Ann